Welcome to BARDOPhotographic.com - an online portfolio from photographer, Jason Brown. Jason shoots a diverse range of subjects ranging from landscapes and wildlife, events and live performances to the wonders that exist within the world's oceans, lakes, caverns and caves.

With a keen eye for the unusual, unique and eye catching, Jason's photography aims to portray the natural beauty around us - both above and below water. An active diver certified to trimix and full cave level, Jason combines his love for photography with a deep appreciation for the underwater world. Jason has been diving for almost 15 years and is actively involved in exploration diving projects, documenting discoveries through his photography.

Aiming to capture the beauty around us - both above and below the world's oceans, lakes and caves - BARDOPhotographic.com offers commercial and private clients a unique collection of imagery to licence on a rights-managed or royalty-free basis. Whether you're looking for an image to enhance your promotional activities, to accompany newspaper or magazine editorial or simply to hang on your wall, please check out my photo library. Can't find the image you need? Get in touch!

BARDOPhotographic.com offers unique imagery available to licence on a rights-managed or royalty-free basis. Prices are not published online as every project is costed on an individual basis to suit your needs and budget - contact me at jason@bardocreative.​co.​uk